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One month down!! 11 more to go! This project so far has been harder than it looks but easier than you’d think. Confused? It’s more than just snapping a picture, any picture, every day–although admittedly sometimes that’s what I may end up doing–you have to be creative and willing to look at the same thing in several different ways, different light, different angles. But if you’re open to that, and you see beauty in the simplest things as well as the complex and technically challenging subjects, you’ll never run out of ideas.

That said, new shoes!



Got a softbox for Christmas (thanks ♥) and have been unable to experiment with it. Until now! Finally ordered a wireless trigger/receiver and got to play with it today! Except…I had no other test subject but myself, and running back and forth to check the image on the camera so that I don’t move it’s position took a lot of trial & error. Whew!


Hardberger Park. It looks like the sky is blown out in the first picture…but it’s not. It really was that color. A fog rolled in out of nowhere but didn’t lay low enough for me to get a fog-thru-the-trees picture.


Got a little fresh air today…but his freedom was illusory. Didn’t stop him from basking in the nearly 80-degree weather, though.


Came across this lone protester on my lunch walk today.


Uninspired today so a little abstraction:


Look at those morning colors. Love it.

Might as well get used to seeing this building. It’s right by my office building and it’s so reflective – oh the possibilities!