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So on a sober last day at work, a coworker and I were lamenting our situations when she looked out the window and noticed a hot air balloon traversing the sky just after sunrise – what a beautiful view they must have had! In my mind, the story involves an incredibly beautiful and romantic proposal while floating over Austin at sunrise. That’s the story and I’m sticking to it!

And this one was over Town Lake from Mopac during rush hour afternoon traffic. Wishing I were that person in the kayak(?) or at least in the water somehow!



Don’t ask me about the ninja skills that were required to take this shot early this morning. 🙂  After getting stuck in a 3-hour traffic jam because of construction yesterday morning (my commute normally takes just over an hour), I took the “long way” which was still shorter than 3 hours.  This glowing building was in Blanco.


Got to hookah. And I finally made it to the new place in my neighborhood to check it out. Nice chill vibe, good flavors, great music selection, intriguing art work on the walls. Service dropped off to nearly non-existent when more people started showing up but overall, I’d go there again. And bonus: its also a bar (with pool tables) so all the drinkers/non-smokers have something to occupy themselves with.


This is not a normal practice. Really. I couldn’t find my hookah buddy today.


My family & friends are my life.

If you’re not on there, don’t be offended. I haven’t updated in a while. And there are pictures of people all over my apartment, you’re probably there if you deserve to be 🙂



I’ve had a migraine all day. So creativity is in the negatives today. But I snapped this in my work garage on my way out.