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Dating back to (surely) before I lived in Austin, the I-35/US-71 interchange has been an awful, mind-numbing, road-rage-inducing mess. A few years ago, they opened up an overpass. Today, they opened up another section – eastbound 71 to southbound 35. And it is glorious. I can’t tell you how happy it made me feel today not to have to sit at that stupid stoplight.



Every once in a while, the stars align and the universe stills to allow beauty to shine through and me to capture it.

This came out almost exactly how I wanted it; I might just have to make a large print of this one.


The picture quality isn’t great on this one, but it was taken on the fly because I really wanted to catch the girl drummer as she was rockin’ out.


I kinda love this view. I have plans [read: dreams] to come here at/around sunrise at some point and shoot this view of downtown Austin with the sun rising in its background. For now, tilt-shift on a warm summer day with kayakers & canoers.


I know I’ve had this view already but I wanted to test out the stock camera on the new HTC Evo 3D. Gotta say, I’m impressed. This is straight out of the camera, except for resizing and the watermark. I think it did a great job rendering the tonal range, as this was a bright and sunny noon o’clock. No blown out sky, clouds visible all the way across the Greenbelt to downtown, lush green trees.


Central Texas got hit with a pretty rough storm system today and the light show was spectacular to watch through the windows at work. Unfortunately, the rain didn’t last as long as this drought-ridden hill country needed. But we’ll take what we can get. These two shots were taken about an hour apart: (1) during the first storm system with crazy winds blowing East to West and (2) in the brief lull before the second stronger system with winds blowing in the complete opposite direction – hmm, isn’t that how tornadoes form?!


Excuse the grain but I did this panorama with my phone! It was a beautiful 73 degrees outside and I took a walk outside the office to wake myself up.