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He really is good at NOT looking at the camera…



Sometimes, once in a blue moon, they play nice.


The Canon 24-70mm f2.8L I rented for the week arrived today. I’ve died and gone to camera heaven. I already don’t want to give it back.


Sibling rivalry. They do this at least 5x a week. No claws. No real biting. Lots of swatting and snapping at each other. And not a little pouncing on the cat’s part.


“Do you wanna go out?” (Tail wagging wildly)
Also, another Daily Shoot assignment.


Our family dogs escaped from the backyard last Thursday in Arlington and only one has been recovered (from the shelter on Monday). My mother has been out every day looking for the other one. I wish I could help but I live 4 hours away. So I posted 3 (total, so far) Craigslist ads, 1 ad on Pet911, scoured the listings for sightings every few hours, checked the shelter’s website for updates every few hours, and created signs for them to post around the neighborhood. I can only imagine what I’d be out there doing if Brutus disappeared.

In motion.


My mom’s dog – a giant German Shepherd – got shaved/groomed this week. Sweet girl.