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The moon was still shining brightly when I left for work this morning.



The dark side of the moon. Actually, you can’t see that side in this pic. But that’s what it made me think of.
Side note: I’m looking forward to the next Transformers installment. The 2nd movie was a disappointment, but I still have hope, and this third one looks promising.


A break in the clouds…


Not half bad for not having a super telephoto – or anything even close to it – lens, I think. Although it does make me wish I had one. But, I decided that, since the lenses I currently have generally serve the majority of my present purposes and the telephoto would only be for fun (albeit lots of fun) and a few uncommon shots here and there, *sigh* my allotted “treat yourself to a treat” portion of my tax refund is going to go to a Canon S95. I figured that will serve me well when I can’t have my SLR and also it’s quite a bit more portably  convenient.