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Central Texas got hit with a pretty rough storm system today and the light show was spectacular to watch through the windows at work. Unfortunately, the rain didn’t last as long as this drought-ridden hill country needed. But we’ll take what we can get. These two shots were taken about an hour apart: (1) during the first storm system with crazy winds blowing East to West and (2) in the brief lull before the second stronger system with winds blowing in the complete opposite direction – hmm, isn’t that how tornadoes form?!



Woke up to a rainy morning. Which subsequently turned into a beautiful sunny day. But I’d already made the decision to spend the day vegging out in the “rain.” Oh well, the park would still have been too wet from the rain to take the dog, and I really didn’t want to have to give a muddy dog a bath today. So here’s a picture from the morning rain. Really, I just like the bokeh the rain created in the background.


Rainy day. Stepped out on the patio to see what I could get of the rain and this little guy was out there to greet me.

It’s pretty wet and cold out there. Not a whole lot going on.