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I couldn’t get back far enough to get the top of the cathedral. And I didn’t notice the stupid chair til after the picture.



The left half of the mural is crooked. It’s not me…promise.


Phase II of Hardberger Park opened not long ago. I stopped off to check it out. They opened another dog park and moved these straw men statues from one of the missions.

p.s. it was incredibly bright at high-noon so I had to improvise and use my polarized sunglasses as a make-shift polarizer!


Met up with the Flickr group for a photo walk downtown.

Hilton: Palacio del Rio – the first modular hotel

Torch of Friendship


Funny how you can turn a cement factory into a popular movie theater.


100!! Another milestone! Fiesta is still going on – all week! Taste of New Orleans is one of my favorite events – mostly because of the Gator on a Stick!


It’s Fiesta!!! Went to Oyster Bake. Saw Saving Abel and Hinder perform. Decided to do a montage for today’s picture. Clockwise from top left: carnival prizes, Saving Abel through the camera phone of the girl in from of me, Sheriffs watching over the crowd in the setting sun, carnival rides, sign for fried everything (cheesecake, oreos, snickers, twinkies!!).