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I know I’ve had this view already but I wanted to test out the stock camera on the new HTC Evo 3D. Gotta say, I’m impressed. This is straight out of the camera, except for resizing and the watermark. I think it did a great job rendering the tonal range, as this was a bright and sunny noon o’clock. No blown out sky, clouds visible all the way across the Greenbelt to downtown, lush green trees.



Good morning, world.

So I ran late for work, lost all feeling in my toes & fingers (yes, I’m the girl wearing flats & no socks in sub-freezing temperatures–but at least I had my gloves!!), waded through high Texas grass, shot through a chain-link fence to get this shot, and got snarled in Austin’s morning traffic, but it was all worth it…

Depending on the season (and time of sunrise), this is the view I get/pass every morning on my way to work. I finally stopped to get a picture of it. This was SOOTC, with a little straightening & cropping (there’s no PS on my work computer!!).


I heart candles. Really. I love the ambiance they create – peaceful, tranquil, soothing, romantic even. I have an entire cabinet full. Full. Not even counting the ones that are already placed about the apartment. Scented, unscented, tealights, floating. And all the different kinds of candle holders that go with them. These kind here are some of my favorite because of the way it throws the light–and who doesn’t love silhouettes?


Loki: the maker of mischief and tricks
[Note – I had to bribe him to come over to me & the camera (he hates it) and sit still for me by opening the patio door and tempting him with the fresh air from the screen.]