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San Antonio had it’s 5th Annual Fest of Tails today at McAllister Park. It’s a Kite Festival & Dog Fair, complete with dog parade et al. I learned about it late last night, on Yelp.com of all places! So I headed out there after breakfast with Brutus, my kite (from Zilker’s Kite Festival two weeks ago), and my camera(s)! Talk about having my hands full! Normally, I have help! Imagine the juggling and twisting I had to do to get this shot (not to mention continually yelling “SIT!!” while steadying the arm the ever-moving-and-tautly-pulled leash was attached to):

The conditions today were so much more conducive to kite flying than at Zilker’s – there was so much wind! And the event is still relatively small so the crowd was much more manageable (top) – practically non-existent compared to Zilker (bottom)!

And whatever this thing was, it was billowing away the whole time. It made me want to climb inside!