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San Antonio had it’s 5th Annual Fest of Tails today at McAllister Park. It’s a Kite Festival & Dog Fair, complete with dog parade et al. I learned about it late last night, on Yelp.com of all places! So I headed out there after breakfast with Brutus, my kite (from Zilker’s Kite Festival two weeks ago), and my camera(s)! Talk about having my hands full! Normally, I have help! Imagine the juggling and twisting I had to do to get this shot (not to mention continually yelling “SIT!!” while steadying the arm the ever-moving-and-tautly-pulled leash was attached to):

The conditions today were so much more conducive to kite flying than at Zilker’s – there was so much wind! And the event is still relatively small so the crowd was much more manageable (top) – practically non-existent compared to Zilker (bottom)!

And whatever this thing was, it was billowing away the whole time. It made me want to climb inside!



Well the Kite Festival was kind of a wind-let-down and not too many of them got up into the air. But it wasn’t a total waste.